I am happy to say that I had a story published in The Stonecoast Review, Issue 8. It’s a long short story, so settle in with a cup of tea or a long subway ride.

To read the story, titled “Surfacing: Three Voices,” online, click here.

It’s also being published in print! To order a paper copy, click here.

I wrote a rough draft of this story and did initial research back in 2003-4, so it’s quite satisfying to see it finally out in the world. It’s been through many drafts, submissions & rejections since then. The story is historical fiction set in 1928 California, centered around the collapse of the St. Francis Dam, a fascinating but relatively unknown event in the history of my home state. I grew up 100 miles from the site of the dam collapse and never knew about it until I was in my late 20s.

And on a much lighter note, click here to read the parenting humor piece I had published earlier this year: “How to Sleep Train Your Parents: What Every Child Should Know”


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