We are so thrilled to welcome our baby boy to our family!
Emry Isaiah Brams Davis
October 22, 2010
7 lbs 15 oz, 20.5 inches

Emry is a Welsh name that means “honorable” (Davis is a Welsh name). Isaiah is a name I love and also in honor of David Brower, Mikhail’s mentor, who loved to quote from the Book of Isaiah. In the tradition of Mikhail’s family, my last name is Emry’s second middle name (we did this with Elan too – his name is Elan Joshua Brams Davis).
He came exactly on his due date, and three of his grandparents got to see his birth. I’ll write the whole story of his birth at some point. It was a wild ride. What birth isn’t? But really, it was pretty great. I feel soooo lucky for how the birth went, to have a healthy baby… and to not be pregnant anymore!
Elan is extremely excited about the baby. He wants to hold him, touch him, rock him in the swing.

And take him for rides around the hospital in his bassinet.

We’re having a whole lot of fun around here.