Inca terraces and snow-covered peaks, Peru, July 2016

I’m not going to get into all the reasons I have had to pull myself out of despair over Trump becoming president. I won’t say “winning the election,” since he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million.

But I will say this: climate change terrifies me. I am writing a book set in a world where the permanently snow-covered mountains are living gods, deities of the highest order. In the Andes, that reverence still exists today. But the glaciers are receding, threatening not only lives and livelihoods in a country that depends on them (Peru, like my native California, is heavily dependent on snowmelt for fresh water supplies), but also the survival of an entire worldview.

Climate change is likely the most pressing issue facing our world today. It is what I most fear about the future we are leaving our children. In this country, at least for the next few years, government will not be leading. Therefore, business must lead. The non-profit world must lead.

Mikhail is working for a company – Interface – that recently (pre-election) made its mission to reverse climate change. When he told me this, my response was: Way to throw the hat over the fence. (Of course, in my world, it’s more likely to be a ball thrown over a fence than a hat, but I’ve been informed that’s not the official figure of speech.)

The company announced this new mission as one does: through a cool animated robot video. Click here to watch it (also good for kids).


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