red poppy

A beautiful morning in Berkeley, April 2016

I’m loving the time management/prioritization concept of “3 big rocks,” which I discovered via writing coach Jenna Avery, and she credits to Stephen Covey.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, Jenna explains it nicely in this blog post, so I won’t recap it here.

This has got me thinking: what are my three big rocks, overall, in my life right now?

Two are easy: Boys. Book.

But what’s the third? I’m torn between two possibilities.

It could be Wellness, which would include my near-daily attempts to exercise, meditate, eat well, and otherwise take care of my physical and mental well-being, not to mention that of the family. Now a big reason I prioritize this is so that I can be a more present and patient mother, so it ties in with Boys. But it is obviously separate from them, and the time it takes to do Wellness can’t for the most part be combined with time I’m with my boys.

What about my grant writing business? I could combine that with Book and call it Writing Business. But the reality is that the two often compete for time, so I’m not sure lumping them together would help me from a time management perspective. And to be frank, I’m spending a lot less time doing client writing so far this year. It might cause me to do some major hustle in the fall, but for now, I’m enjoying the considerably less amount of stress in my life and the ability to really focus on my book and the book-related travel coming up this summer.

Can I get 4 big rocks? I believe that question officially makes me a person trying to fit too much into any given day. Maybe something needs to be down-graded to pebble. Maybe something already has been, and I just haven’t admitted it yet.


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